Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Update

What up Blog World

It has been a while since i wrote anything or given any updates regarding what i am doing.  School has started and my schedule is pretty tight 18 units 7 classes that's a load and i am trying to balance everything out and prioritze my life accordingly. I finally got to work out today after a rough beginning of the week  i  was excited to workout ..great feeling

This is going to be a crazy weekend so much homework to do..but will definitely start them now so I have less to do this weekend. 

Video Update

Saturday October 8, 2009

King Kas Productions will be shooting the behind the scenes footage for Planet Afreeka Clothing the last shoot of the year so I am pretty excited to finish the project and looking forward to starting a new one hopefully in 2010.

I will let you know how my weekend goes especially the photo shoot

have a great day everyone


King Kas

A must see Shannon Brown Poster

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