Monday, November 30, 2009

Woohoo last minutes of being 24

What y'all is almost that time

24 is bout to gone and 25 is coming and i hope is as great as 24...

So King Kas is ready for new challenges

Graduation is coming too at 25 so is bout to be great year

I am ready

The Hurricane is bout to hit in 17 minutes

Get ready


Last Day of Being 24

What up Blog World

Is King Kas posted a blog after i dont know how long..too be honest with you..but it is my last day of being 24 i am bout to hit the grown man hood you know 25 dang I cant believe i met it to this year God has really been good to me.

And 24 is one of favorite years besides 22...and i am bless to almost see 25

I can now rent a car cheap and also insurance gets cheaper lol..not for me tho got a big ticket so ya..

But Thank God is almost here...I am bout to make the most of 25 God willing i see it...

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Bird Call Launch Party

Whats good blog world

So last night was a pretty good night, had fun at my bro's launch party for his new studio, studio was pretty tight tight 4 stories.  And now The Bird Call has a place to call home, is about to be a good year. 

I will like to give a shout out to my brother Ruwanga for throwing one hell of a party last night in hollywood and King Kas Productions was there to witness this great occassion.

O i almost forgot Raz B from B2k was there O Lord that man thought he was the life of the party but reality check that was like 7 years ago..but I am sure with The Bird Call he can possibly make his come back...
But other than that it was a great night hopefully Ru agrees to throw my party in his new pad for my 25th bday

What happens next?? hmmmmm i def dont know but stay tune bloggers..

King Kas
I am out

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello Novermber

What up people

Quick blog...well I will def be working on videos this week after these midterms are over plus I will be attending The Bird Call Launch party out in LA

Till them peace