Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Video Updates/School

What up people

I have not wrote a blog in a minute so here is an update of whats going on with me and what i have been working on.

First i have finished the Planet Afreeka project which was pretty exciting ..the video's are linked below so check them out..and please comment on them let me know what you think so i can continue to make more creative videos next time...leave suggestions i promise to respond to those comments and also integrate that into my work.

There will be a basketball highlight video coming for my superstar basketball team D-League..we made history lol... for the first in team history we are going to my first be on the lookout.

Well is that time again school y'all know it starts on thursday for is back to the basic's..time to focus and get them A's

And i have no idea what i am doing up at 4:47 am but thats my life lol..gotta do it..

till next time

I am out peace

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