Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life In The Video Bizz

What Up People

This past week and half has been crazy dealing with so much..from financial not having money to pay for bills....and finding money to pay for school...but through all this I am still alive so i am thankful for that...I can complaining or make excuses of why some of these things are happening in my life but at the end of it is destiny that stands before all of these situations.

I can tell you that i have made progress in my day job not really getting paid for it but i know it will all be beneficial in the future..My production company is on it is way...Yessir

Video Update

First the Planet Afreeka Photo Shoot video will be out for everyone to view this week so keep looking for the posting to the video.

Learning to use different production software to enhance my knowledge on video editing so you will definitely see more of my creative side through these programs..

Never forget you are a student of life...keep learning something new everyday

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