Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1st 2010

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Sharing a little bit of what I read from my devotion today.  I read about how God deserves our best, in everything we do. And he has shaped us to have uniqe personality and to have different talents, and to figure out what we are good at and what we not good at.  The only way we will truely find out what our talents are is through experiments of various things and also asking others what they see in us that has been successful so far.  The goal is to use these abilities and talents to the glory of God to serve others with our varous talents. But God says if we do not tap into those talents they will be lost and we should not be afraid to try knew things even if it does not workout it was an experiment.  For me I have been told I can cook, i hope to use that skill to one open a restuarant and hopefully make people happy. I also love mentoring youths, and i feel i can accomplish that through sports by coaching and helping kids out.  But I am sure there is more of my talents that have yet to be taped, and I hope to discover those talents. 

more to come

King Kas

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