Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14th-Valentines Day

What up Blog World

Is King Kas reporting live from Glendora, CA.. Breaking News I have just been informed that love day has arrived, omg I dont have anyone to enjoy this day with, what do i do, nothing lol. Sike...I have a lot of chilling to do..time to myself to relax and watch the NBA all star game
I remember 4 years ago when I had a girlfriend and this day came about, I guess I was suppose stop my life on that day to chill with my girlfriend at the moment, but the craziest thing was life does not work that way.  I tried to improvised since I worked on the day of this event and could not get the day off.  I wanted to do dinner after but it didnt workout as planned still drove to her spot to deliver some things, I even wrote a poem for still didnt feel it was appreciated.  Well I guess part of it  could have been my fault right?, because I could have probably sent flowers or something to her job, but it did not work out that way, I still tried to make plans for the day.

Long story short some people just dont appreciate it when people are actually making valid efforts..  oh and never believe some women, when they says is cool I am not mad...lies lies are actually saying this dumb (****)..I know this trust me.

And my friend posted a status today, about this day I personally feel is overatted, but dont get me wrong one of these days I will celebrate it if at this time of the year I have someone to celebrate it with.. The moral of the story is, dont just wait till FEB 14th to tell people you love should be 365 days a year.

Peace and Blessings
God Bless

King Kas

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