Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Kings Future Aspirations

What up Blog World

I am new to this blog thing but i just want to have a means of connections with the people and to let ya'all know what I am doing..

I have a dream to one day own a productioons company thats another reason why i created this blog to keep you informed on all the things i am doing towards accomplishing that goal.

I will also be keeping you all to date on all the future productions or projects that i will be working on

A random fact about me I have never taken a class that dealt with production so you can see i am a self learner pretty much learning everything as i go it was a hobby and it still is, but i have bigger dreams for this future production company.

And my future productions will bring postive change to our community

so i will be posting some of the things that i have worked on along with Planet Afreeka Clothing

Current Projects

Planet Afreeka Photoshoot

Enjoy Peace lookout for me

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