Saturday, April 24, 2010

40 day Summary -Long Awaiting

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I know i promised to write a review or summary of what i learned from my reading for the first 40 days of the year, from this book i was reading "Purspose Driven Life".

For those who have been waiting so pateintly :), this is for you.

This book was quite interesting written by Rick Warren, I actually started reading this book when it first came out through a church bible study but i  only got up to chapter 20 which was the twentieth day, it was not consecutive.  So this year i decided would not it be a great idea to start of the year right by spending the first 40 days of the year actually taking part in this journey that Rick Warren spoke of, so I embarked on tha journey.

The first chapter talks about how we are all hear to live for God and him alone, so in our daily lives no matter what the circumstances are we should always remember that God has our back.  we should remember that God is the conerstone of our lives and we should keep him first in everything we do. 

Chapter two was about how we were put on this earth for a reason, we didnt just pop up out of now where accidentally, God had a plan for our birth, who our parents were going to be, when we were going to be born, time, etc. Even kids born out of wedlock were purposely created for Gods purpose, so for those of you out there who thing no one loves you, if no one does remember that God created you for his purpose and he loves you.
"I am your creator,You were in my care even before you were born", says the Lord. Isaiah 44:2. 
We are alive today because God wanted us to be, so we should give God glory everyday we woke and are able to do the things we do daily.

Chapter three, what is the driving purpose of your life? I hope God is the driving force behind everything you do daily, because without him living on this earth is difficult, we may not see end results of Gods purpose but in due time we will see what having patience will bring in our lives.  This Chapter pretty help me understand that I am not living for myself I am living for the glory of God, and I should make him the center of my life.

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